The story

Mapinguari - Legends and Myths

Mapinguari is a Legend derived from some Indigenous Legends of the Amazon Region.

Caboclos say that within the forest lives Mapinguari, a hairy giant with an eye on its forehead and a mouth in its navel. For some, it is actually covered in hair, but wears armor made from the turtle's shell, for others, its skin is like alligator leather.

According to this legend, some Indians, reaching a later age, would evolve and become Mapinguari and would inhabit the interior of the forests and live only inside and alone. There are also those who say that their feet are shaped like a pylon hand.

The Mapinguari gives a scream similar to the scream given by the hunters. If someone answers, he will soon meet the unsuspecting, who ends up losing his life. The creature is wild and fears neither hunter because it is able to dilate steel when blowing in the barrel of the shotgun. Amazonian riverine people tell many stories of great fighting between the Mapinguari and brave hunters. The Mapinguari always has the upper hand, and hunters who survive can often be crippled or badly scarred for the rest of their lives. Some say that Mapinguari only walks through the forests by day, keeping the night to sleep. When he walks through the woods, he screams, breaking branches and felling trees, leaving a trail of destruction. Others report that it only appears on holy days or holidays. They say he only runs away when he sees a sloth.

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