The story

Matinta Perera - Legends and Myths

Legend has it that at night, an acute whistle disturbs people's sleep and frightens children, at which time the homeowner must promise tobacco or smoke. Hearing a shrill whistle at night around the house, the resident says: - Matinta, you can spend tomorrow here to get your tobacco. The next day an old woman appears at the residence where the promise was made in order to catch the smoke. The old woman is a person from the place who would carry the curse of "turning over" Matinta Perera, that is, at night to transform into this indescribable being that haunts people. Matinta Perera can be of two types: winged and wingless. The one with a wing can turn into a bird and fly around where it lives. The one that does not have, always walks with a bird, considered ominous, and identified as being "shroud-ripper". Matinta, when she is about to die, is said to ask, "Who wants? If someone answers "I want" to think about some inheritance of money or jewelry, he or she actually gets the "turn" Matinta Perera.

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