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Quibungo - Legends and Myths

According to legend, the Quibungo is a species of black bogeyman, an unexpected African visitor who eventually settled in Bahia, where he became part of local folklore. It is a variation of Tutu and Cuca, whose main function was to discipline, for fear, rebellious children and reluctant to sleep early.

The Quibungo is part of the romanticized tales, always with a tragic or happy episode, but no date that locates it in time. He is an Old Man of the Bag to the boys, a fearsome devourer of children, especially disobedient ones. No doubt an effective way to charge discipline for the imposition of fear.

There is no eyewitness account of its existence, but in the midst of the infant universe it exists as concrete. Within these traditional stories, told to restless or stubborn children, he drags on like a hungry ghost, like a fierce devourer of boys and girls who distance themselves from their parents.

He is a character of Afro-Brazilian oral literature, with cruel voracity, enormous ugliness, brutality and nonexistent moral purpose.

The Quibungo is both man and animal. Kind of ragged, ragged black wolf or old man, dirty and ragged, a true ghost residing in the greatest childhood fears.

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