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Summary - Crusade of the Third Crusade

The Archbishop of Tire preaches the Crusade.

Frederick, King of England Purplebeard, German emperor, Philip Augustus, king of France, and Richard the Lionheart, organize a Crusade at the request of Pope Gregory VIII.

1188, January 1.
Saladin leaves the siege of Tire, defended by Conrado de Montferrat, Piedmontese Marquis.

Saladin conquered all Frankish territory, taking Tripoli, Tire and Antioch.

Guy de Lusignan, former king of Jerusalem, arrested by Saladin, is released and surrounds St. John of Acre.

1189, May.
Frederick Purplebeard departs for the Holy Land.

Foundation of the Teutonic Order.

1190, 18-20 May.
Frederick conquers Konya, capital of the Turkish Sultanate of Asia Minor.

1190, June 10th.
Frederick drowns in the waters of Selef in Cilicia.

The German Crusade led by Frederick of Swabia, son of Barbarossa, goes to St. John of Acre.

1190, July 4th.
Filipe Augusto and Ricardo Lionheart leave Vezelay for Palestine, passing through Sicily, where it will take six months.

1191, April 20.
Filipe Augusto lands in São João de Acre.

1191, May 6th to June 6th.
Richard the Lionheart conquers Cyprus by the Byzantines, and then goes to St. John of Acre.

1191, July 12th.
St. John of Acre is reconquered.

1191, August 2.
Philip Augustus, king of France, returns to Europe.

1191, 7 September.
Ricardo defeats Saladin in Arsouf's palm.

Guy de Lusignan, former king of Jerusalem, receives from Richard the Lionheart the island of Cyprus as a fiefdom.

1192, April 28.
Assassination of Conrad of Monferrat, Lord of Tire, King Consort of Jerusalem, by two members of the Assassin sect.

1192, May.
Henry II of Champagne marries Elizabeth, widow of Conrad Monferrat, and becomes king of Jerusalem.

1192, 1 and 5 August.
Battle of Jaffa: Richard the Lionheart victory over Saladin.

1192, September 2.
Jaffa peace between Saladin and Richard Lionheart: three-year truce. Muslims stay in Jerusalem, but allow pilgrimages to the Holy Sepulcher. The crusaders occupy a continuous strip of territory from Tire to Jaffa.

1193, March 3.
Saladin's death in Damascus.

Amaury de Lusignan succeeds Guy de Lusignan on the throne of Cyprus.

1197, September 10th.
Henry II of Champagne, king of Jerusalem, having accidentally died, Amaury de Lusignan, king of Cyprus, marries his widow and becomes king under the designation of Amaury II.

1197, 24 October.
Amaury II recaptures Beirut from the Muslims and signs peace with Melik-al-Adel, Sultan of Egypt and brother of Saladin.

Ricardo Lionheart.

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