The story

Summary - The Period Between the Two World Wars (1919-1939) - Emergence of Nazism and Fascism

- World War I balance (for Europe): damage, destruction, unemployment, crisis.
- US balance: economic growth, American Way of Life
- The New York Stock Exchange Crack (1929): 1929 Crisis Affects the World
- New Deal Plan (Roosevelt) - end of the crisis: investment in public works, jobs, control of production.

Emergence of Fascism and Nazism

Nazism (Germany): leader Adolf Hitler
Fascism (Italy): Mussolini leader

- Nationalism
- Militarism
- Worship of physical force
- Advertising

Fascism in Italy

-Italy: received no territories after World War I
crisis: peasants and workers
-Mussolini (Duce): arrested and killed opponents, censored the press and brought Italy out of the crisis.

Nazism in Germany

- moral and economic crisis after World War I
- 1934: Hitler comes to power with the idea of ​​building an empire
- Nazi propaganda, population control, persecution of Jews, Gypsies, opponents