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This document describes the General Terms and Conditions that apply to the use of the services offered by the portal. Only history. If you do not accept these General Terms and Conditions, you must refrain from using our services. Having any questions regarding them, please contact us.

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It is the responsibility of Only History:

I - respect the privacy of its users, so that it will not monitor or disclose information regarding the use of access by users, unless required to do so by court order or by law, in addition to specific cases, as in this case. from advertisers. In the latter case, only general and non-individual user data will be disclosed to them.

II - do not make any changes to the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement without notifying users.


Só História disclaims all liability for costs, damages and / or damages caused to users or third parties for misused website download files.


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At any time, the user may stop using the services offered by the site, which are completely free.


Only History may offer additional services to those provided herein by canceling and replacing it with a new Agreement. In this case, you must expressly agree to the new Agreement if you wish to use the additional services offered.


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