Cultural Aspects of the Northeast Region (continued)

Afro-Brazilian Religions

Among the African cults brought by slaves and rooted in Northeastern culture, Candomblé and Umbanda stand out, with their rituals, hierarchies and ceremonies that revere their deities.

Afro-Brazilian religions characteristic of the northeast region

Lavagem do Bonfim - a religious celebration that takes place in Bahia - where the baianas pour scented water on the steps and in the atrium of the church of Bonfim, "symbol of the religious syncretism of Bahia", with the sound of clapping, atabaque and African songs. .

Myths and legends

Among the myths and legends of the Northeast Region, we can mention: Alamoa, Man Critter, Head of Cuia, Cuca, Water Black, Quibungo, Mysterious Cowboy. To learn more about each of them, click here.