Cultural Aspects of the Northern Region (continued)


The traditional cuisine of the north of our country is rich in cassava and fish, a heritage of indigenous customs.

The variety of fruits in the region, in turn, stands out in national as well as international cuisine. Examples are guarana, acai, cupuaçu and soursop.

Acai berry

O Guarana is a genuine plant from the Amazon

Brazil nuts

Some typical dishes of the region: tucupi - cassava stock, maniçoba or feijoada paraense, tacacá - stock made with cassava gum.

Fish based: caldeirada, gurijuba, shellfish and dried shrimp, cassava gum, jambu, pepper, biju, cassava cake, Brazil nuts, sun meat.

Duck in Tucupi - typical dish of the Amazon

Biju - typical dish of the northern region

Jambu - a typical herb from northern Brazil, widely used in the Amazonian, Rondoniense, Acriana and Paraense cuisines, and can be found in delicacies such as tacacá and duck in tucupi.


The handicraft also received great influence from indigenous culture. The Northern Region's handicrafts include objects made of clay, ceramics, leather, wood, soapstone and seeds, which form jewelry, decoration articles, among others. Marajoara pottery, started by the Indians of Marajó Island, was the first ceramic art to emerge in Brazil. It is currently also known abroad.

Marajoara Ceramics