Environmental issues and issues

Our planet is affected by various environmental problems and issues, many of them caused by man's own action. These problems directly affect the environment (fauna, flora, soil, water, air, etc.).

Major environmental issues:

  • Air pollution by polluting gases, generated mainly by the burning of fossil fuels (coal, gasoline and diesel) and industries.

Air pollution

  • Pollution of rivers, lakes, seas and oceans caused by sewage and garbage dumps, environmental accidents (oil spills), etc.

Pollution of rivers and lakes with sewage disposal

Oil Spill - Pollution in the Seas and Oceans

  • Soil pollution caused by contamination (pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals) and improper waste disposal;

Soil pollution through irregular waste disposal

  • Burns in woods and forests as a way to expand areas for pasture or agriculture;

Irregular burns in woodland and forest regions - environmental damage

  • Deforestation with illegal logging for timber marketing;

Deforestation and illegal logging

  • Soil depletion (loss of fertility for agriculture) caused by its misuse;

Misuse of land causes depletion and impedes new agricultural practices

  • Decrease and extinction of animal species, caused by predatory hunting and destruction of ecosystems;

Illegal hunting causes the extinction of animal species and the destruction of ecosystems.

  • Lack of water for human consumption, caused by irrational use (waste), contamination and pollution of water resources;

Waste of water

Waste of water

  • Nuclear accidents that cause soil contamination for hundreds of years. Examples include the Chernobyl nuclear accidents (1986) and the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan (2011);

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan

  • Global warming, caused by the large amount of greenhouse gas emissions;

Climate crisis - street thermometer marking 47 ° C in Central Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

  • Ozone depletion, caused by the emission of certain gases (CFC, for example) into the environment.

Ozone hole (strong blue area) (Photo: NASA)