Weather x climate

It is very easy to confuse weather and climate. The two actually have very similar concepts. However, the confusion ends with the use of a simple example:

  • Rained today. Time
  • It always rains this time of year. Climate

Time It is the state of the atmosphere of a place at any given time. Climate It is the succession of the weather states of the atmosphere in a given place.

Elements and weather factors

Climate is an intricate web of elements and factors that characterize it. Therefore, the climate changes a lot depending on the region.

Of all the factors, the most important is the radiation solar. The sun is the engine that moves the weather. Sunlight itself does not generate heat, but it is the absorption, scattering, and reflection of that light that will determine the degree of heat in each region.

The overall balance of the Earth-atmosphere system is positive, that is, the ratio of the energy absorbed by the atmosphere and the oceans and lands is 64% (47% by land surface and 17% by atmosphere and clouds).

Illustrative scheme of the operation of solar radiation

Climate elements and factors determine the climatic conditions of each region. Although studied separately, these elements and factors work together at the same time.

Elements Modifying Factors
Atmospheric pressureAltitude
WindsDistance from the sea
MoistureAir masses
PrecipitationOcean currents