Rocks and Minerals


Mineral It is a natural chemical element or compound resulting from inorganic processes found in the earth's crust.

With the exception of mercury and water, all other minerals are in solid state. As for its structure, we highlight the cleavage, a fracture and the toughness.

THE cleavage It is the characteristic that minerals have to break or split into definite planes.

THE fracture It is the characteristic that many minerals have to break irregularly, leaving rough surfaces.

THE toughness separates minerals by molecular density. Harder minerals scratch the hardest ones.

Quartz crystal

Pyrite crystal

Mineral Classification

Metallic minerals

Non-metallic minerals

Abundant (iron, manganese, aluminum, etc.)

Of chemical, fertilizer and special uses (phosphates, nitrates, sulfur, sodium chloride, etc.)

Scarce (gold, silver, lead, zinc, etc.)

Building materials (cement) and water.