Economic activities

Energy sources

On our planet we find various types of energy sources. These sources may be renewable or exhaustible.

Solar and wind energy (obtained from the winds), for example, are part of the inexhaustible energy sources.

In contrast, fossil fuels (derived from petroleum and coal) have a limited amount on our planet and may end if there is no rational consumption.

Oil Extraction - Traditionally Depleted Resource Source

Traditional sources of energy are exhaustible (most of them). This results in the need to find alternative models that contribute to world production.

Traditional Fonts Alternative Sources
Hydroelectricity Biomass
coal Solar
Nuclear Wind
Petroleum Alcohol
Gas Geothermal
Firewood Navy

Here are some data on the use of energy sources in Brazil and worldwide.

Explanatory scheme of world energy consumption by energy source

Comparative energy matrix - worldwide (2005) and Brazil (2007)

We will now study the following types of energy:

- Hydraulic energy
- fossil energy
- Solar energy
- Biomass Energy
- wind energy
- Nuclear energy
- Geothermal energy
- Gravitational Energy