The story

Estácio de Sá

Portuguese explorer (1520? -1567). Fight the French invasions in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Estácio de Sá (1520? -20/2/1567) is born in Coimbra. Little is known about the early years of his life. He is believed to have come to Brazil on 1) 57, accompanying his uncle, Mem de Sá, the colony's third governor general. He is appointed captain of the warship Conceição, with which he departs from Salvador, headquarters of the general government, on an expedition to Guanabara, to combat the French invasion of the region. The trip continues to São Vicente, on the São Paulo coast, and from there goes to Portugal, looking for reinforcements to expel the invaders. It settles on the edge of Guanabara, from where it heads resistance to the innumerable attacks of the French and their allies, the Tamoios Indians. Despite the difficulties, it manages to build the bases of the city of São Sebastião, later called São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro. He obtains partial victories against the enemies and, on January 20, 1567, next to Mem de Sa, defeats them definitively. To do so, it attacks its bases on the hill of Leripe (present hill of Gloria) and on the island of Paranapuã (now Governador island). Injured in the face by a poisoned arrow, he dies shortly after in Rio de Janeiro.

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