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Car Rental Requirements - History

The rental car business has become one of the fastest growing businesses in the world today. Many individuals are seen to invest in the business. In lieu of the ever growing need for a rental car, car agencies/companies has become very numerous which has made it difficult to find a suitable car rental company to patronize. One of such companies is Car rental Dubai.
Renting a car is seen to be of huge help to tourists round the world. They no longer need to wait for public transport or hop from one taxi to another just to get to their destination.
Being turned away from a car rental pickup location because of not presenting the right documents is no fun at all and can be embarrassing. There are certain requirements one is expected to possess when picking up a rental car. These requirements will help one enjoy a smooth rental pickup. They are listed below

  1. A valid ID: A valid ID is expected of the client or driver as the case may be to be presented before pick-up. This could pose a problem when this important document isn't handy.

For most car rental companies around the world, the minimum age requirement is at least 21 years before he is permitted to pick-up the rental car from the pick-up location or company. For certain cars, especially high end cars like SUV, Minivan, Van, Convertible, Utility and Luxury Vehicle categories, the renter must be at least 25 years of age before he/she is allowed to pick up. It is necessary that each driver must present a valid and original photo ID or passport for pickup. Additional drivers must be at least 25 years old.

  1. A valid driver's license: After presenting a valid ID which clearly states your name and age, the next document needed for successful car pickup is a valid driver's license. In the case whereby one is a tourist, he is required to possess both a valid driver's license and an international driver's permit for those whose driver's license are not permitted in the country of visitation. There are also certain processes in order to obtain the required driver's license in that country.

Therefore, it is necessary that during pickup, the primary driver and any other additional driver one may like to add, must present a full, valid and original national driver's license with at least one year experience. The main driver is the person whose name the booking is in.

  1. Credit card: There are certain car rental companies that do not accept cash payments unless on very rare occasions. The acceptable mode of payment is often through credit card payments. The renter must present a personal credit card in the primary driver's name, not just any credit card but one that is active and valid in the country of pick-up with enough funds to put a hold for a security deposit. Third-party credit cards are always rejected and accepted in dire occasions.

The car rental company is solely responsible for approving the provided credit card. One may think that a prepayment online may exempt him from providing a valid international credit card during vehicle pick-up. No, this is not the case as one will be expected to show this document at pickup. There are a number of reasons that this is so, one of such is the security deposit, and these deposits are always made upfront which cannot be done by cash. It is an upfront payment charged on the card in any case of damage or fines.
One should also note that on picking up a rented car, the credit card presented must not bear a different name from the one on one's valid ID .That is, the card must always bear matching names with the ones on your valid ID in order to avoid any embarrassment or disappointment as the case may be.

  1. Car insurance: One is also expected to possess a car insurance policy that will cater for any form of damage to the rental car because some rental car companies do not offer this option as most clients often complain about how high the rate is. Thus, for you to pick up your rented car, you must at least own car insurance or your employer must own a car insurance to cater for any mishap. It is always advised to acquire Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Insurance as this provides coverage for any form of damage to the car or in a case where the renter gets into an accident.
  2. Prepaid Booking Voucher: Another document needed is your booking details, including the booking number, voucher and also the address and phone number of the car rental pickup location. You must be ready to present a printout of the Booking Confirmation Voucher at the pickup location. In this document, all agreements in terms of services, payment conditions, rates, discounts, as well as vehicle availability and choice are officially documented.

Note that certain car rental companies like Car rental Dubai have every right to refuse service to unlicensed drivers, underage, those with poor credit history and all those whom the company does not dim fit irrespective of providing all necessary documents. Once all your paperwork is sorted, you’re ready to hit the road and hence, enjoying the trip of your life.

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