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Profession: Historian

Historian is the professional who studies the human past in its various aspects: economy, society, culture, ideas and daily life. The historian critically investigates and interprets the events, seeking to recover the memory of humanity and broaden the understanding of the human condition.

His work is based primarily on researching documents such as manuscripts, printouts, recordings, films, objects and photos. After selecting, classifying, and relating the data collected in libraries, archives, interviews, or archaeological studies, he dates the fact or object, confers authenticity, and analyzes its importance and significance for understanding the chain of events.

Labor market

The most traditional market for this professional is high schools and colleges, but new fields of work are opening up. In recent years, there has been a growing demand for historians in private companies, public agencies and cultural support entities, to work mainly in the areas of heritage preservation and historical rescue.

The historian has also been hired by companies interested in historical product consulting - researching the trajectory of old articles that can be relaunched or similar with good or bad market acceptance, so that their releases are closer to consumer expectations.

Operators and tourism agencies, in turn, seek the professional to help create itineraries focused on historical and cultural destinations. Museums and cultural centers are another alternative for the historian's professional placement, who can work in curating exhibitions and organizing and promoting free courses. At publishers, he is hired to work on the preparation of textbooks and paradidmatics. The historian also finds work in theater, film and television production, where he does period research for films and soap operas, helps develop screenplays, and supports audiovisual material in general.

O average salary initial historian It varies according to the region of operation and the size of the contracting company or school.